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Indianapolis Temple

Ode to Rita's Italian Ice and Custard

7/31/2009 05:51:00 PM Edit This 10 Comments »

Oh Rita, how I love thee.
Thou hast all sorts of flavors, new ones every day.
I have tasted not a single one twice.
Thine custard is thick and delish.
Thine ice is cold and Lara thinketh that it is better than ice cream.
I love thine Gelati's- custard on bottom, ice in the middle, custard on top.
Better yet, I love the coupons that make thee really affordable.
Three words that I love- 50 cents off.
Lara knows thy store front by sight and yells "ICE CREAM" when we pass by.
Which we usually don't because we're coming to thy store.
How I love thy Double Stamp Tuesdays.
Free stuff? I cannot pass it up.
I look forward to Fridays, my date days with Lara and Vivi.
We sit on thy patio and eat delicious eats.
We talk about food, toys, family, and whatever else Lara talks about.
My favorite flavor ice so far- Mint Chocolate Chip.
My favorite custard- is there any other? Chocolate.
Oh Rita's, how I love thee!


Lindey said...

Oh dearest sister mine! How waxed is your poetry.

tlaulusa said...

Wow. I don't think I've ever heard you use your words so expressively. And I think Lindey meant that you waxed eloquent in your poetry. Since I don't think waxed poetry would be very complimentary.

tlaulusa said...

Oh, BTW, Kimmi shrieked when she read this, partially entertained, and partially out of deep green envy. She's been lobbying for the whole Rita's experience. Thanks a lot for bringing it fresh to her mind.

Julee said...

Thou makest me wishest that I havest beeneth to the sublimith Rita's.

Jamio said...

No, I think Lindey meant poetic wax is poetic.

Kimmi Laulusa said...


Suki said...

Kimmi was likely looking for another reason to remain in the corner of sadness.

*underscores Rita's on list of things to do in Ohio*

Ruth said...

Turns out I've never been to Rita's...but I have a feeling that will change in a couple weeks! :)

Valerie said...

Oh hey Mom. You actually posted under your own name!

Did it live up to your expectations, Kimmi?

Ruthie, we will all go when you get here!

Valerie said...

Maybe Lindey meant how "wacked" is my poetry...