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Indianapolis Temple


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Vivi story-

Reed related this story as told by Vivi's teacher at school.

"We have a picture of a girl with her finger over her lips that we use to help the children know when it's time to be quiet. Vivi had just earned computer time and was playing while I and some fellow teachers were talking. All of a sudden I notice that Vivi is standing in front me with the picture of the girl. She holds up the picture, puts her finger over her lips and emphatically says "Shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!", then very seriously replaces the picture in it's proper place." Hilarious :)

Lara story-

Lara: Daddy, how do I play this game?
Reed: You have to push the buttons to make all of the lights go out.
Lara: *pushes the power button* I won.


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She's crawling!

Look Alike

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I have posted before of how we think Genevieve looks like Shirley Temple but now we know that she realizes that too.

Reed had taken Vivi to the library after school and he was browsing the movie aisles. He noticed she wasn't around and went looking for her. He found her holding this movie...

... and then with big eyes she looked at him and said "Daddy, look. I a princess."

Yes, you are!

Vivi is the Big 3

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Genevieve Noelle is a Christmas Eve baby so I'm just way behind in posting about her birthday. She asked for a dragon cake and luckily I was able to find a simple tutorial on-line. It used a square and a round cake, gumdrops, licorice, and colored frosting.

She was very excited to see the finished product and wanted everyone to know what a dragon sounded like.
We were at the Christmas cabin with the Robinsons and since it was only a few minutes away from my family, they came over for dinner and party. Somehow I didn't get any pictures of her opening her presents. Bummer since she was really cute. She received a dragon pillow pet from Grandma Piano and Grandpa Chips, and Grandma Flute and Grandpa Tuba gave her a Polar Express train set. She was ecstatic for both!

A quick update on the Vivsters-
1. She will start preschool at HHC in a few days. She's ready to say bye-bye to daycare.
2. She started Sunbeams on Sunday and couldn't be happier. Luckily I am in the primary presidency and can make sure there are plenty of wiggle breaks for a very active 3-year-old.
3. She and Lara wear the same size shoe and pretty much share clothes.
4. Not sure how much she actually weighs but probably in the 35 pound range.
5. Love the hair! She has ringlets galore.
6. The girl has one volume- LOUD. And she gives everything 110%.
7. Genevieve brings an enthusiasm and joy into our lives and we are so happy that she is in our family!