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Spring Projects

4/20/2013 07:29:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »
Yay for Pinterest!

The season of spring brings a need for a new wreath.  I've done yarn-wrapped, and felt rosettes, and a sock wreath.  So this time around I wanted to do a floral grapevine wreath.  I took elements from several Pinterest  projects and created this-

You can't see the sides of the letter very well but they are painted purple to match the color in the wreath.  I do agree with one of the tutorials that said it would make the letter more dynamic.  I hot-glued the floral pieces to the wreath very easily and when I came to the letter I got into a bit of trouble.  Every tutorial I found said they just hot-glued the letter on the wreath but when I tried the weight of the letter just made it fall off.  So I hot-glued pieces of rope to the back of the letter and then hot-glued the letter to the wreath and it worked just fine.  Happiness!

Next was Mariella's Easter basket.  There are only a few things that I feel like I should make, rather than buy, for my kids because I am their mom and not because I really want to- Halloween costumes, Christmas stockings, Birthday cakes, and Easter baskets.  In the end I always have fun but I have to work myself up for it.  Anyways, I had this bucket left over from a decorative fruit arrangement and thought it would be nice to some how make that into Mariella's basket.  I had some left over jelly roll fabric from Vivi's basket so I cut them into smaller strips and tied them to the handle.  Maybe some day I'll add some paint to the sides.