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Indianapolis Temple


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Oh boy, it's been too long since I last blogged.  It's been super busy with vacations and work and life!

1.  I did finish the cleanse and it was hard but I am glad I did it.  I will make it a habit for after pregnancy/nursing.  I lost 10 pounds over all and I feel great.

2.  Mariella turned 2!

Thanks to Pinterest we made a polka dot cake.  A big thanks to Reed who started the process while I was driving back from Tennessee.  She was as happy as can be with her cake and we sang her favorite birthday song from Hi5, just for her.

3.  Lara has a loose tooth!  She is incredibly excited since she has been waiting since she turned 5 (she had a cousin who lost a tooth at 5 years old.  So she thought that was the magic age) to have a loose tooth.  Now she says she's going to wiggle it all day to make it fall out.

4.  Vivi finished preschool at Helping Hands and is spending the summer with Grandma Piano.  She has been giving me grief for several weeks that Lara got to spend time at Grandma's house and not her.  Now she is upset that Lara gets to go down the big water slide at camp.  I can never win with her.

5.  Reed and I celebrated 8 years of marriage!  Here's to the rest of eternity!

6.  It has been a month of traveling- 2 trips to TN and Reed had High Adventure.  It's been nice to settle into a routine finally.

7.  We switched rooms with the girls although things are still in shambles.  Little by little, I have to tell myself.

8.  Lara and I went to the MoTab concert with my family and saw our good family friends, the Miners.  We haven't seen them in years and it's funny to think that their youngest child is Lara's age.  The concert was wonderful and Lara really enjoyed it (although very tired).  

Summer is shaping up to be fun but busy!  We have a trip to Buffalo in July, I have Girl's Camp, and another trip to the Smokies will end our summer fun in August.  Yay!