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Teach the Children

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Lara turns 8 next month and that means she can choose to be baptized and make a covenant with Heavenly Father.  With her introverted nature she is taking this very seriously.  She is quite nervous about the physical setting of being baptized (she hates being the center of attention so she doesn't want people to watch her) and that nervousness is heightened when we try to talk to her about it.  Last week she left me a note on my pillow.

I have read and re-read that note dozens of times since then and I can't stop thinking about it either.  It struck me like a lightning bolt:  I have a responsibility to teach my children about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  Now, I've always known this.  Reed and I have been teaching them since they were newborns in our arms about their heavenly parents and their Savior.  But this note just made the gravity of our responsibility even more real.  

Reed wrote her a sweet note, telling her that it IS hard to believe and know something when you can't see it.  He gave her a few scriptures to read and set up a time to talk with her again.  Lara and I talked the next morning about how we can help each other see things throughout the day that testify of the love of our Heavenly Father.  We had a family home evening lesson and talked about all the things that we can do throughout our lives that strengthen our faith.  

I am glad Lara wrote me this note.  I am glad she asked me for help.  I hope I can help her.  I hope I can teach her although I am learning that it may be true what people say; children teach you far more than you teach them.