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Oh, what's that you say?  January was a long time ago?  Oh yes, I am the perfect procrastinator.  How about we just say that I am getting a head start on next year?

My resolution- Every day, I will either do something with my hair OR do my make-up OR both.

With Reed being gone for 7 WHOLE DAYS this week, life has been quite hectic to say the least.  Luckily I had my sister, Lindey, with me for a few of those days.  Even then trying to get out the door or to bed on time was quite a chore.  So I am not sure why I picked this week to make a resolution that involves getting up early in order to look decent.  Maybe it's because I have been feeling lately that I need to take more pride in my appearance.  I always look good for professional presentations, special visitors, church, and other special events.  I just don't always do that during regular days, especially since I work in a place where the dress code does not need to be business casual every day.  I have also been trying new things with the girls and their hair (another blog post in the making) so why not just extend that to me?  This week we had a choir concert at Helping Hands and I decided that I needed to start my resolution that day.

I have been studying several blogs from Pinterest about cute hairstyles for girls and some of them show which ones translate well to adults.  (I swear, all of these blogs are from Mormon women.)  I was using this particular one (see below) that night for the girls so I chose another hairstyle from there for me that would be easy and quick for the next morning.  I have also been diligently viewing How-to videos from Melaleuca (which is where I buy my make-up) on their Five-Minute Face and their Classic.  Lara even watched them with me and thought they were fascinating.   

The result...

There are lots of ways you can incorporate the twist into the rest of your hair; messy bun, side ponytail, hiding the twist under longer sections of hair and leave the rest down, etc.  I decided to pull the rest back in a wrap ponytail (where you take strands, wrap it around the band, then bobbypin).

Since this was a special event I decided to wear nice clothes AND wear make-up so my appearance was quite complete.  My poor co-workers would compliment me on how great I looked and then realize that I might be offended so they would say things like "Oh, you look good all the time."  I had to just laugh and say "No, I really don't and it's something that I'm working on.  Thanks for the compliment!"  It was just a testament to me that this is something I need to do.  I do want to show that my body is a temple and that I can keep it as beautiful as the sacred buildings that all Latter-Day Saints hold dear to their hearts.

Next step, exercising.  *sigh*  One step at a time.  I think I will master this resolution before tackling THAT one.


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Lara has really been balking at going to bed lately.  She is a night owl but she NEEDS her sleep, of course.  So, every night we have the same conversation.

Me:  Lara, time for bed.
Lara:  Mommy, how many minutes do I need to stay in bed.  7?
Me:  No, 15 minutes.
Lara:  MOM!  If I stay in bed 15 minutes then I will fall asleep!

Yes, yes, that is the point.

Or another bedtime quote-

Lara:  I don't want to lie down because I am sleepy.  And if I lie down I will go to sleep.

Vivi, not to be outdone by cute quotes-

Vivi:  I am NOT a peacemaker!  I am a mad VIVI!