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Lara has really been balking at going to bed lately.  She is a night owl but she NEEDS her sleep, of course.  So, every night we have the same conversation.

Me:  Lara, time for bed.
Lara:  Mommy, how many minutes do I need to stay in bed.  7?
Me:  No, 15 minutes.
Lara:  MOM!  If I stay in bed 15 minutes then I will fall asleep!

Yes, yes, that is the point.

Or another bedtime quote-

Lara:  I don't want to lie down because I am sleepy.  And if I lie down I will go to sleep.

Vivi, not to be outdone by cute quotes-

Vivi:  I am NOT a peacemaker!  I am a mad VIVI!