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Stories of the Vivsters

10/26/2010 04:01:00 PM Edit This 0 Comments »
Vivi is very entertaining these days and since this blog is partially our family journal I thought I would share some stories.

COSI- Reed took the girls to COSI on Saturday since I had meetings all day. It was quite an eventful visit, thanks mostly to Vivi. First of all, she was in love with Clifford the Big Red Dog and decided to leave the play area and chase him down the hall (unbeknownst to Reed). Near the end of the visit to COSI they took a trip to Ocean, a favorite place of Vivi's since she looooooooves water. It all went very well until a lady asked Reed if he was missing a daughter who was "swimming". Vivi had stuck her entire head into the Bell Fountains and soaked her clothes. She was not abashed or ashamed at all, just proud that she had a good time! (Later on, Lara somehow caught her finger on a screw and was bleeding all over the place. I'm not sure if Reed will ever take them to COSI by himself again.)

All Hallows Eve at Ohio Village- While I got ready to go I put Vivi in her chair to eat some dinner. As I come back into the kitchen I hear "Oh Vivi. Uh-oh" which does not mean good things. Vivi had dumped her entire bowl of soup over her head. At Ohio Village, where it was dark, Vivi was content to run with abandon down the sidewalk. The girl doesn't care who's around or not around, or who she's with or not with. She has no fear!

Rain storm today-
Notice the wet bum? Need I say more?

Smart girl- Vivi might be an early potty-trainer. She has begun telling us when she needs to poop or when she has a poopy diaper. Tonight Reed asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty, which she did for a little while. As soon as she got up... there was an accident on the floor. :) It was a grand try and I'm very proud of her. She's not a huge talker but she is super smart and with these promising signs I might try potty-training over Christmas break.

We love our Genevieve Noelle!

1 Down, 2 to Go

10/16/2010 07:13:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »
October has been an insane month for me but, thankfully, one of the major events ended tonight.

A few months ago I accepted a stake assignment to be a co-musical director for the Stake Relief Society's presentation of Women at the Well. Women at the Well is a compilation of songs sung by women from the Bible who personally knew Christ. It's an awesome presentation and I've performed in it before and knew the songs fairly well. I was happy to accept the assignment but adding one more thing to my already busy life was tough- 1st counselor in Primary, Ward music chair, employed full-time, full-time mom, etc. The program tonight was not without technical issues but everyone sang beautifully and now it's over! I hope everyone there felt the Spirit and became closer to their Savior.

Now, on to the other 2 events in October. Next up, teaching a workshop for Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities and then the Primary Program! November is going to be such an easy month :)

Cast Your Vote

10/01/2010 04:12:00 PM Edit This 4 Comments »
The Princess Ball is coming soon and Lara is doing a great job with not sucking her thumb! So I'm in the market for a dress and she has requested a Little Mermaid dress. I've narrowed her choices to 3, one of which is not a Little Mermaid dress but I thought I'd still give her that option. All of these dresses are off of Etsy since I have no desire to actually walk into a store. Cast your votes for which one you think is the best or let me know of somewhere to buy a better dress. It's hard to find modest dresses for little girls! Sad.

The only thing I don't like about this dress are the puffy sleeves. I just can't picture Lara in puffy sleeves. But the price is right and I do like the red sash and ruffles on the bottom.
This is my top choice. I would probably need to buy her a red sweater to on the top. One con is that it looks like a summer dress and I would rather buy something she can wear this season.
I'm not totally sold on this one, it's a little shorter than I would like. But the color scheme is cute and Lara says she likes it.