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Today was Reed's last day working with Erik at Mars Irrigation and Landscape.  It would have been 10 years in April, can you believe that?!  In that type of industry, that amount of dedication and loyalty is basically unheard of.  Erik has been a wonderful boss and friend and has taken care of us for so long.  Although Reed and I are looking forward to this new opportunity, it was still sad to leave.  It is so wonderful that Erik is also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, like us.  He was able to receive his own confirmation that this was a good move for Reed.  Just another perk of having such a great boss!  Erik told Reed that he could pick wherever he wanted to work, a non-profit of some sort to do some work pro bono.  Of course, Reed picked Helping Hands and they did an amazing job beautifying the grounds!

Reed will start his new job as a mechanic for the facilities management group for our church on Monday.  We are so grateful for this new direction for Reed.  It is an amazing blessing in our lives and one that came from a loving Heavenly Father.  Sometimes, I want Heavenly Father to just make it easy on me.  I always said that I would stay home when Reed had a job that lasted the winter and had benefits.  When he was invited to apply for this new job, it was back in April.  After a few months of not hearing anything (the job hadn't even posted) I started praying for some direction.  My contract is from September to September and I wanted to give my job plenty of time to find another music therapist if I was going to be resigning.  Heavenly Father told me without a doubt that I just needed to jump in, without knowing what was on the other end.  That is scary.

So I did it.  In July, not knowing what was going on with Reed's job, I said that I would like to move to an hourly position and give up the benefits.  Our insurance ended the end of August.  With my miscarriage at the beginning of the month and all of this uncertainty, I felt like a pretty emotional wreck.  A week later the call came that Reed had the job!  Such a relief and I immediately thanked my Heavenly Father for watching out for me and my family.  He always knows what is best for us and it's just up to us to choose whether or not we are willing to trust him.  I am happy I did.

Grateful List, continued

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I am grateful...

That we still had health insurance during my hospitalization.  I saw the EOB recently for all the medical stuff and it was over 23,000 buckaroos.  We aren't paying that of course, I was just flabbergasted at the cost.  That's way more than a real live birth!  So I am glad my miscarriage happened in August and also at a good time in the year to meet our out-of-pocket expenses so that everything else is 100% covered for the rest of the year.  (Maybe Reed can have his knee surgery this year).  Yay for HSA's and high-deductible plans.

There is something huge to be grateful for and it's killing me that I can't announce it.  Big news to come...  soon....  It's killing me.