Indianapolis Temple

Indianapolis Temple


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Vivi story-

Reed related this story as told by Vivi's teacher at school.

"We have a picture of a girl with her finger over her lips that we use to help the children know when it's time to be quiet. Vivi had just earned computer time and was playing while I and some fellow teachers were talking. All of a sudden I notice that Vivi is standing in front me with the picture of the girl. She holds up the picture, puts her finger over her lips and emphatically says "Shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!", then very seriously replaces the picture in it's proper place." Hilarious :)

Lara story-

Lara: Daddy, how do I play this game?
Reed: You have to push the buttons to make all of the lights go out.
Lara: *pushes the power button* I won.


Samantha said...

Your kids are so awesome!