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Melaleuca Product of the Week: PreSpot

7/27/2009 06:02:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »

Lara wore a really cute pink overalls outfit that was given to her at a baby shower. The overalls have white eyelet lining the straps and has pictures of bears and flowers across the chest. Very cute. I look forward to Vivi wearing the same outfit next summer (or sooner the way she's growing). Well, I went to get Lara from daycare and she had green streaks on her bum from sitting on a bench with grass clippings on it. Oh no! But did I panic? Was I disappointed because Vivi would get a stained outfit from her sister? No! I know that the stains will come out with a simple treatment of PreSpot. PreSpot was recently reformulated so that it could be 4 times concentrated meaning less plastic in our environment. The new PreSpot also contains 3 naturally derived enzymes (lipase to tackle grease stains, protease to tackle proteins and amylase to tackle starch) instead of caustic chemicals that burn your fabric. There's a page of Frequently Asked Questions about PreSpot on Melaleuca's website. This is a must-have product for those with kids!


Ruth said...

Maybe could we see a picture of Lara in those cute overalls?! :)

Aaron and Marly said...

You should go into advertising or sales.:-)