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Getting Clean

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I started a cleanse program yesterday and am feeling good so far!  My friend, Marly, completed this particular program a couple years ago and blogged about it here.  I thought it sounded interesting and checked out the book right away.  But then I was pregnant and you can't do the cleanse while pregnant.  So I never read the book.  I finally sat down and read it a few weeks ago and decided to jump right in!

I like how it's not a juice fast since I could never do a juice fast.  Too hard.  I get 2 liquid meals a day and 1 solid (usually lunch).  The liquid meals can be in the form of juice, smoothies/shakes, or soups and all meals need to follow a special list of foods which is pretty much primal which was what I was semi-doing before.  I also like how he places special emphasis on restoring the good fauna in the gut, not just cleaning it out.  The weight-loss will be an added bonus.
  1. Day 1
    1. Breakfast- Classic Green Shake with spinach, pine nuts, and almond milk
      1. I think I added too much spinach and didn't blend it for long enough.  Had to choke it down and almost didn't make it.
    2. Lunch- Cucumber Mint Soup
      1. Very yummy and would actually make this again even if I were off the cleanse
    3. Dinner- Garlic and Rosemary Roasted Chicken with parsnips and apples
      1. Although you can eat a solid dinner the program recommends that the solid meal be during lunch.  I had to switch it for the first day because this particular meal would be good for the whole family and it made it easier scheduling wise.  The recipe made quite a bit so I'm saving the chicken for a later meal.

  1. Day 2
    1. Breakfast- Green Power Juice with celery, apples, spinach, lemon, and lettuce
      1. I borrowed a juicer from my father-in-law and I must say that I am in love with it.  I can't believe how easy it is to use.  If I do this cleanse again I will need to buy once since I can't imagine making juice without a juicer.  This was actually very delicious and I think the apples made the juice go down easier than I thought.
    2. Lunch- leftover chicken from Day 1
    3. Dinner- Easy Pineapple and Avocado Gazpacho
      1. The blender will be your best friend during this cleanse.  My blender is not the best and if it holds up through this whole process, I will be impressed.  Very delicious.
Confession- I did have one slip up today when I walked into the staff lounge and saw a chocolate hazelnut cake somebody brought in to share.  I cut a little piece, had it in my mouth, and was chewing before I even realized what I had done.  No, I did not spit it out.  Something else that Dr. Junger said in the book was that there might be little steps backward but there is no failure when this type of thing happens.  I just walked out of the lounge without looking back.  The cake was really good though.