Indianapolis Temple

Indianapolis Temple

Ornaments 7-9

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Ornament #7
Crazy Mouse

These mice are made of felt, googly eyes, mini pom-poms, and pipe cleaners for the candy cane. We liked making the mice as crazy looking as possible by picking different colored eyes. This isn't one of those ones but it still looks crazy.

Ornament #8
Paper Filigree Poinsettia

We visited the New Boston Faire one year for Labor Day and I was so impressed with an artist who made these ornaments and other items out of paper.

Ornament #9
Plastic Canvas Snowflake

These were relatively easy ornaments to make. Cut the plastic canvas, stitch on the outline, put glue on the yarn, sprinkle clear glitter. Voila, sparkly plastic canvas snowflake. My sisters and I stitched a lot of these!


Hi Lowe! said...

These ornaments are really cool! I LOVE the Chinese fish! And that video of Vivi is hilarious!! :) That was so fun to see her so excited EVERY time! :) We had a blast with you guys! Thanks for coming!!!