Indianapolis Temple

Indianapolis Temple

Ornaments 10-13

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Ornament #10
Silver Dollar City

Last year my family took several vacations to Branson, MO and we got season passes to Silver Dollar City. When we were there for Thanksgiving we saw that if you had visited SDC 4 times in the year than you got this free ornament. Mom and I were the only ones that qualified and so I proudly display it on our tree :)

Ornament #11
Lara's Little Feet
When Lara was a baby HHC participated in this craft program where you could purchase items with your child's art printed on it. We bought this sweet little ornament and Lara loves to look at it and talk about what she was like as a baby.

Ornament #12
Punched Juice Lids

This is another ornament made by my family several years ago. We collected tons of lids from frozen juices and punched patterns using nails. We had stars, bells, and something else that I'm not remembering. Then the lace was hot-glued on along with the ribbon. These were very time consuming and I'm proud that we did so many.

Ornament #13
My Cute Face
I made this ornament in Kindergarten and it has my one and only school picture on it. Wasn't I so adorable?! I don't mind saying that I think I was.