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Ornaments 1-6

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I am not one to have a themed Christmas tree mostly because it's not what I grew up with. My family would make a different ornament each year so by the time I got married I had 22 or more ornaments to take with me. (I think I got married when I was 22 anyways). Another thing my family did was to buy an ornament as a souvenir from trips and vacations. Reed and I decided to keep that tradition going in our own family. I was looking at our tree this year and I loved seeing all our ornaments and thinking of some stories behind them. So I have
decided to post a different ornament and it's story each day for the whole month of December. But of course I am behind so today I am posting 6 ornaments. :)

Ornament #1

I am actually not sure who gave me this but I'm thinking it was my Nana and Papa. The year is almost worn away on it but you can still see the 1983 that marked my birthday. I must have been angelic, hence the picture :) Haha!

Ornament #2
This ornament was one of the first ones made by my family. I know that it is one of the first because there are only 4 in the set- Mom, Dad, Me, and Jamie. (Suki, correct me if I'm wrong but I think you don't have a snowman).

Ornament #3
Penguins on Ice
What I remember about these ornaments is that they were given to us by my Grandma and Grandpa. My sisters and I loved hiding the ornaments on the tree, next to a tree light it would kind of glow, and then we would find each other's ornaments.

Ornament #4
Chinese Fish
Reed and I took a trip to San Francisco a few months after we were married. We decided to carry on the tradition of buying an ornament for each vacation. It was hard to find an ornament in Chinatown that wasn't just a cheap Christmas tree ornament. We finally found this Chinese fish and decided it would perfectly represent our trip.

Ornament #5
I bought two of these stars at ROAR days at Lake Hope State Park. They were made by a local artist and I just loved the colors (and the price). Our family has enjoyed ROAR days for about 4 years now and has become a much anticipated trip in the fall.

Ornament #6
Crazy Angel
Lara saw me taking pictures of ornaments and wanted me to post about this one. She thought it was just looked funny :) It certainly does! Not sure what year this one was made but I remember having fun with the glitter glue.


Melody said...

I love interesting/homemade ornaments. I'm glad you're posting these!

Suki said...

I don't have any ornaments from home so... I cannot confirm nor deny the snowman. I don't THINK I have one but it has been a while.