Indianapolis Temple

Indianapolis Temple

Ornaments 18-21

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So I know that it's the new year and all but I got behind on my ornaments and I still wanted to document them.

Ornament #18
Buffalo Dung
Last year we took a major trip out west for the summer and stayed at Yellowstone National Park for a few days. We bought this ornament that was made out of Buffalo poo so Reed calls it our "poonament".

Ornament #19
Wooden Chalkboard

I like it when I have ornaments that have the year on it. As you can see this one was in 1999. My mom had found these chalkboard ornaments in different shapes at Jo-Ann's for cheap. So used gel pens to write on the chalk part and then a thin sharpie for the outer edges. We cut images off of old Christmas cards to glue on the back and then edged them in scribble paint. I remember really loving the picture that I used of Mary and Baby Jesus. This was a great way to re-use those Christmas cards that you like the pictures so much you can't bring yourself to throw them away!

Ornament #20
This ornament was given to me by a congregation of a Methodist Church that I used to play organ for in Obetz. It was great practice for me and very interesting to go to another congregation's worship service. They had wanted to pay me but I had refused since it was on Sunday and I just wanted to experience. I played for them for a whole year and then I was leaving for OU. On my last Sunday the pastor called me up to the front of the chapel and thanked me for my service and then presented me with a gift bag on which was attached this ornament. The members of the congregation had all pitched in and purchased several gift cards that totaled to over $300! I was so touched by their generosity and the experience reminded me that a Christian is a Christian no matter what.

Ornament #21
This is one of the ornaments that doesn't have a year on it and I wish it did. It's a simple shape cut out of cardboard with fabric ironed on and then cut. I think we glued the layers on using a hot glue gun and then used the rick-rack as the hanger for a country touch.