Indianapolis Temple

Indianapolis Temple


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Yay for Lee! I actually thought Crystal was going to win but I wanted Lee to win. This happened last year too. Hmmm... Maybe I should just trust my instincts.

My favorite moments + Lara's faves too:

Casey James performing with Bret Michaels. Lara was giggling and smiling like a high school girl next to her crush.

Lee Dewyze performing with Chicago. I absolutely love Chicago and so does my brother Jonathan who is on a mission right now in San Bernadino, California for two years. Before he left, he entrusted his beloved Chicago DVD to Lara for safekeeping. She remembered watching it with him and she was excited to see Uncle Jonathan's favorite band. They certainly didn't disappoint!

Janet Jackson. I don't love her as much Michael Jackson but that first song she sang tonight was beautiful.