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Melaleuca Product of the Week: CranBarrier

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Lara has a very teeny bladder. I mean, she's a very little girl but still I think going 3 times in 20 minutes is a bit excessive. I chalked it up to her being Lara and thought nothing of it until one day she all of a sudden started having accidents which is totally unlike her. I can't remember the last time she's had accidents. And she would act like she would really have to go and it would be a tiny trickle. I talked to my Mom and my sister about it and they suggested that Lara might have a urinary tract infection. I've never had a UTI but I thought that UTI's always burned. But apparently they don't and Lara had other signs. So I started giving Lara CranBarrier which must taste good because she didn't complain at all. The next day, she went back to just regular bathroom breaks and the accidents completely stopped. I feel safe giving her CranBarrier because I know that that the ingredients are all non-toxic and without the sugar that might come in regular cranberry juice or cocktail. Plus, she loves it :)

What Makes It Different?
CranBarrier delivers the benefits of cranberry juice without the calories. Plus, it includes a proprietary blend of blueberry and uva-ursi (bearberry).

Why Is That Important?
The phytonutrients in cranberries help flush bacteria from your system. In addition, Blueberries and uva ursi contain phytonutrients similar to cranberries. CranBarrier gives you 3-in-1 urinary tract protection—without excess calories or carbs.*

It Works Because…
Researchers recommend 1,000 mg as the optimal therapeutic serving of cranberry phytonutrients. Two CranBarrier chewables contain 1,000 mg of cranberry extract—plus a proprietary blend of blueberry and uva-ursi.
Take a strong, proactive approach to your urinary tract health with CranBarrier.