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5/11/2010 07:50:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »
One thing is for certain, the duets were waaaaaaaaaay better than the solos tonight. I told Reed that when Casey comes out with an album, we're buying it. For Lara's birthday or something :)

Casey- I'm biased, but he was my favorite solo performance. He was singing to me, you know. He is an amazing musician. Most other contestants have to have the musicians from the band do the fancy guitar work. Not Casey.

Michael- He was OK and he prompted Reed to look up the I Will be There video since I said that I wanted to watch it. Nobody is as good as Michael Jackson.

Lee- Most disappointing tonight. Out-of-tune for a lot of the performance. But he was really good in his duet with Crystal.

Crystal- Also OK. I like that song and I grew up listening to Kenny Loggins so it's a sentimental favorite.

I think Michael will go home tomorrow. Ellen was right, you need to think to win not just to get into the top 3.


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