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Due to helping my Dad jump his car, I missed the first hour of American Idol so this is just based on what I saw. I'll go back and watch the others another time.

Best comeback- Andrew Garcia. Finally! I loved it!
My personal favorite- Lee Dewyze. Haven't really liked him until now. Awesome song.
Made the biggest mistake- Katie Stevens. I totally get what Simon was saying. Although I should say that after I watched the review of all the singers at the end of the show, this title might go to Didi Benami. But I won't know for sure until I see her whole performance.
Gave it a good try but he's still only 16- Aaron Kelly. He's got a great voice. I just think he needs more training and more experience to be awesome.

Usher has been the best mentor so far. :) He gave great constructive feedback and seems so nice, I wouldn't mind singing for him. All in all, I'm getting tired of Katie. I think she should leave tomorrow.