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Indianapolis Temple

Melaeuca Product of the Week: MelaMagic

3/29/2010 07:44:00 PM Edit This 0 Comments »

A few weeks before Vivi was born I had the sudden urge to scrub our kitchen floor. I hate scrubbing floors. So after that night I bought a WetJet. Bad thing about a wet jet is that the cleaner is full of toxic chemicals, aka bleach. But my mother-in-law had found a way to refill the bottles using Melaleuca products. The best one for floors and other grimy surfaces is MelaMagic. The following is a list from the catalog about the virtues of MelaMagic. :)

    • Naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients
    • No ammonia, phosphates, or chlorine bleach
    • Cleans floors, barbecues, range tops, and more
    • Tackles tough grease and grime indoors and out
    • Now even more concentrated to save money and reduce plastic waste