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This week Genevieve celebrated her 9-month birthday. That means only 3 months left until Christmas but that is beside the point. Turning 9 months means a visit to the doctor which is always fun because she gets to be weighed. The verdict at this visit- 21 1/2 pounds. This may not seem very big to some of you but to put that in our perspective, Lara is 23 pounds and is 2 1/2 years old.

Some of Vivi's nicknames- Chunky Monkey, Chubba Bubba, Hambo, Chubbalicious, and Chunkers. Most of these come from family who swear that, although spoken with the utmost adoration, as soon as Genevieve begins to understand what they're saying, they will stop calling her that :)

Other Vivi accomplishments-

1. Eating anything and everything and relishing every minute of it. Mealtimes consist of her screeching at the top of her lungs while I hurriedly dish food into her mouth or cut up something to put on her tray. I am never fast enough for her. Perhaps I will film her so that all of you will have the priviledge of hearing her pterydactl-like shrieks.

2. She already knows how to annoy Lara. Mostly by screaming. Lara absolutely hates it when Vivi screams so she will scream back at Vivi. When this happens, I hear the changes in Vivi's screams. They are no longer "I AM HUNGRY!". They become "WOW, THIS IS FUN! LET'S MAKE LARA SCREAM SOME MORE!" These exchanges usually happen in the car or while I'm on the phone.

3. Crawling and not being content with just that. She learned to crawl while at Myrtle Beach but, as soon as we got home, she began to pull herself up on anything. Chairs, couches, people, the wall, her crib, shelves, toys, bumbos, etc. She really wants to start cruising along these things but inevitably ends up on the ground. This week she has even let go a few times but has promptly fallen down. IMHO, subsequent children should always walk later than the previous. I fear that is not the case for Vivi.

4. Getting cuter and cuter every day. Need I say more on this subject?

I haven't taken as many pictures this month as I should have. So the most recent photo I have of Genevieve is this one taken at our ward camp-out. At least you can see her very kissable cheeks! Je l'aime! Ma belle Genevieve Noelle!


Julee said...

I really enjoy reading what you post on your blog!! It makes me smile!
Thanks!! I love you all!!