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Indianapolis Temple

Blasts from the Past

10/03/2009 07:41:00 PM Edit This 3 Comments »
Tonight Reed attended the priesthood session of General Conference which meant that after the girls went to bed I had some time to myself. I finished my Shadow Children book and soon became bored and started youtubing bands that I haven't heard of for a long time. These were music groups that my sisters (Jamie and Suki specifically) and I used to listen to aaaaaaallllllll the time. I seem to remember my mom and dad liking some of them too! This was music that were probably played at church dances and to which I knew all the dance moves. So I'm posting some of the videos to see if my sisters remember any of them. Now, of course these weren't the only music groups to whom we listened. Ya' know there was 'NSync, 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys, etc. I'm only posting the stuff from groups who are or were close to being one hit wonders.

I believe we stole B*Witched's first album from our cousin Rachel. We might have bought her a replacement eventually :)

Whoa! Do you remember these guys? We had both of their albums!

We never actually watched the movie/show/whatever it was but we liked this song.

I don't think we were a fan of the actual group. Just this particular song.

I was watching this video when Reed came home. He immediately started groaning at how old this song was and how he actually remembered it. Weren't they from Youngstown?

Ahhhhh... that was fun.


Reed said...

grrrrooooooaaaannnnn..... mmmmmoooooaaaannnnnn.....

Melody said...

Whoa. I remember pretty much all of those songs. I especially loved BBMak. I heard that song on the radio for the first time when I was delivering newspapers, and I got everyone else and their friends to listen to it and fall in love with them. Haha.

Lindey said...

Haha...I remember these songs. XD I'll admit to still listening to most of them too! :D