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Indianapolis Temple

Bon 26eme Anniversaire, ma belle!

9/15/2009 03:39:00 PM Edit This 4 Comments »
With all these celebrity tributes going on, I thought I'd put together a tribute for the biggest celebrity in my life, my lovely Island Princess, Valerie.
Enjoy the pictures!

This is Valerie's first ever birthday. Also known as birth. lol!
Look at this mohawk! Now I know where Genevieve gets it!
This one is not exactly a picture of one of her birthdays,
but I thought it was too adorable not to include!

As far as I can tell, this is her 2nd birthday which also happens to be the start of a long, happy, and productive relationship with chocolate and ice cream. Aren't those curls beautiful?

At around 5 years old, Valerie went to see a production of the Nutcracker with her father. This was also too cute to leave out!

For her 6th birthday Valerie and her family went to a Polynesian themed restaurant. As you can see, she's all smiles!

Valerie's sweet sixteen here with her sister Jamie. Wow, look how cute Josh used to be! ;)

For her 17th birthday, Valerie and a group of friends (including myself) went to the Columbus Zoo, and we had dinner at Wendys. Wow, Mormon teens are original... We had a great time!

Valerie didn't like me at that time. But I liked her a lot, and I tried to be at her side as much as I could, as evident in this photo.

I know that there are only 12 candles on this cake, but I promise she was older than that! I think that we actually made the candles count as 2 each.
This, unfortunately is the closest picture that I have to her current age. Great Grandma Laulusa came to visit, and Valerie got to spend some fun time with her and the girls.

It is difficult for me to find the words to express how grateful I am for my wonderful wife, and though these pictures do not say everything I want to say I feel that they communicate to some degree the love I have for her.

Happy birthday, Love! And here's to many years of you whooping me in your new Star Trek Scene it! game.


Valerie said...

Awww... very sweet, love. I was cute baby!

Aaron and Marly said...

You were a cute baby! Happy Birthday Val!

Jamio said...

Cheez, I look like a boy...Man, and I was SO JEALOUS of Valerie going on a group date with Andrew Kempton.

Enough about me! Happy birthday, Val.

susette said...

and even more jealous that i was the one who got him to go! haha i had almost forgotten about those fun times...happy birthday belatedly, val!