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Indianapolis Temple

Myrtle Beach

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We had a lot of fun at Myrtle Beach with Auntie Kimmi, Uncle Josh, Grandma Flute, and Grandpa. Here is a video of Lara in an airlift chair during our visit of SciWorks in North Carolina. We always try to visit a science center or zoo that is part of our reciprocal memberships. It gives us a driving break and it's fun!

We visited Broadway at the Beach on Tuesday evening especially to see the fireworks. I was excited to take Lara on the carousel but for some reason all she wanted to do was sit on the non-moving bench on said carousel. Boring. But we had fun eating ice cream and fudge, playing on the playground, finding 80% off sales (it was the end of the season so vendors just wanted their stuff gone), and watching fireworks.

Lara wanted to take this picture but there was a shop light shining on the cutouts and I couldn't get a really good shot. But this one of Vivi is really cute!

We loved seeing the different wildlife in South Carolina- lizards, frogs, snakes, fish, crabs, birds, etc.

Both of the girls absolutely loved the beach!

Does this picture say everything? We had a great time!