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Indianapolis Temple

What else could go wrong?

5/31/2009 06:02:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »
Reed and I are big fans of Dave Ramsey and he is always talking about Murphy (of the law variety) moving in when you are not financially wise. This month for us would be a great example of that except we are trying to be financially wise so at least the month hasn't broken us.

1st scenario- One of our cats, Murphy (kind of ironic, eh?), decided this last week that our living room would be his litter box. Not o.k. I took him to the vet and $204 later we discovered he had a bladder infection. Pretty not cool, but totally not as uncool as the next scenario.

2nd scenario- Since our Melaleuca products finally came we had set up a time on Saturday for us to deliver some Renew lotion to some friends of ours and give them a presentation. There were also other things going on that Saturday such as a work party and talent show so we were in a pretty big hurry. We left the house in a rush and discovered that we had left the Renew lotion at home. Back we go. We remembered that Reed had given his house key to my sister earlier that morning, because she was coming over to scrapbook and we weren't going to be home. She had left the key on our mantle but we had forgotten to put it back on the key ring. We hadn't taken my keys because we were driving Reed's car. No worries, we always leave the back door unlocked. Oh but wait, last night there was a police helicopter circling around our area so we had locked the back door! Reed tried to open a window but both of the ones on the bottom floor were latched shut. Well, maybe the attic? Reed asked two of our neighbors if they had attic openings but neither did. So, we call a locksmith. Do you know how much locksmiths cost? $135!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!! But what were we to do? We were able to find a few good things in this tragedy. 1- If we hadn't left the Renew we would have discovered we were locked out of our house at 11:00 that night. Not fun. 2- The locksmith told us our lock is hard to pick. Yay for us.


Reed said...

Way to be positive! ;)

It was a lesson for me - I need to follow that little voice in my head. When I took the other keys (which had the house key on them) out of my pocket, the thought came to me that I should bring them with me. But did I listen? lol not so well...