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5/12/2009 06:00:00 PM Edit This 8 Comments »
Finally, it's the top 3! And in the first time in the history of American Idol, it's all guys. I'm going to switch up the format of my post tonight so I can go contestant by contestant.

Danny Gokey- I had never heard of Trevor Tyler whoever, probably not a good thing at this stage of the competition. His dancing was pretty bad but worse than that the song was really quite boring to me. His second song, muuuuuuuch better! I actually liked that version better than the original.

Kris Allen- I really like the song Apologize but truthfully, not even OneRepublic can sing the song like in the recording or better. (I saw them perform on some TV show and they were quite awful). At first I cringed when I heard his second song choice. Really? Heartless? Doesn't he know that's a rap song? But it was quite brilliant!!! I've never seen a contestant come out on stage with just him and the acoustic guitar before. And to do that with a rap song? Absolutely awesome. I don't know if he can win against Adam but I hope he gets the chance to try.

Adam Lambert- He did a great job tonight, as always. My one little peeve is, what was up with the back-up singers mics?! The sound balance was way off in his last song.

Should go home tomorrow- Danny. Not that Danny did terrible tonight. I just like Kris better.


Melody said...

I wish I had tv so that I could watch American Idol!

Reed said...

oh, melody. trust me, you are just fine without it! but if you really want one, I am looking to get rid of ours!

Valerie said...

I hate it when you lie in writing (typing). You have no say in whether the TV stays or goes.

Suki said...

You're okay if he lies in person?

Oh, and Melody, there's a cat that goes along with the TV. I'm surprised Reed forgot to mention it.

Reed said...

forgot? that cat is my BANE. I could never forget!

I'm learning that I should only annoy Valerie one thing at a time.

That's because I'm a great husband. I love you Valerie!

dad said...

I finally watched the perfs on the compy. I so would have voted for Danny. I don't know why you don't like him more Val. Yeh, ok, Adam--at least Cryin--was a terrific performance. He is a great performer. He'd put on a great concert. But I could sit and listen to Danny for ever. And Kris.....only ok for me. And I hate his little mustache thing. He'd have been my vote off. I really liked Allison. Allison and Danny will be the ones getting my CD$

Valerie said...

Kimmi, put your name the next time you post so that I'm not reading "Dad's" message and wondering why on earth he called the computer a compy. :)

dad said...

Actually, it was Mom. And it was typing short hand, not a word I would actually say outloud. :-)

Cute video of Lara at the Bday party, BTW