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My UPS rant

5/28/2009 07:14:00 PM Edit This 5 Comments »
My motto this month has been: DOWN WITH UPS!!!!

I'm sure that in a few weeks I will have calmed down and UPS will be back on my good side. But for now I am anti-brown.

Explanation- We have ordered household products from a company, Melaleuca, every month for the past 3 years. Every month, UPS has delivered the packages to our door or has left them on our back patio if we are not home which is often the case. Then, a couple months ago, we started having to sign for the packages. Pretty tough when we're never home but not a big deal because there's a place on the little sticky note that the delivery man leaves where we can sign and he can leave the package the next day. Or if we forget to do that, UPS will hold (I should say, used to hold) the package in their warehouse for 2-3 business days and we can go pick it up. This month we received the regular sticky note saying "This is the first delivery attempt, yada, yada, yada." But this one also said that a signature of an adult 21 or older was required, and the part where we would usually sign was scratched out. No big deal, we could hope we would be home when they came next or we'd go pick it up at the warehouse. But nooooooooo, UPS decides to change their policy that after the final delivery attempt the package is automatically shipped back to sender. Does the sticky note say that? Nooooooooooo, it still says that we have 2-3 business days. Reed went to the warehouse and was told that the package was already on it's way back to Idaho but he was given a number he could call to stop the package and have it shipped back. Did the number work? Nooooooooooo. The number was disconnected. What in the world is UPS doing handing out a number that is disconnected???? And does UPS care that because our package was sent back, by the time I had it resent Melaleuca was sold out of the limited time only men's fragrance collection that was to be Reed's Father's Day present? Noooooooooooooo. Do they care that I've waited 3 weeks for my vitamins which means I'm way tired all the time? Noooooooooooooooooo. Do they care that their delivery man is probably just lazy and doesn't want to put the package on our back patio (because the signature was not required by Melaleuca. It was the delivery man's choice whether or not somebody had to sign for a package)? Nooooooooooooooooo. And they have no way of telling me who the driver is so they can't tell him to just DELIVER THE PACKAGE!

So now next month I have to write a note and stick it to our door- Dear UPS Delivery Man, please leave our Melaleuca package on the front porch or the back patio. It contains much needed items necessary for our survival in this world. Without them we will die. The patio is only a short walk around the back. It will take 2 minutes. If you do not deliver our package within a timely manner, we will never ship with UPS again. Thank you. Sincerely, Melaleuca Customers in Need of Their Vitamins.


Valerie said...

Now you understand why I quit working there!

dad said...

I take it that was Reed commenting as Val!

I hope you feel better now that you've gotten that out of your system!

Carrie Nation said...

A good rant every now and then does wonders. At various times I have hated UPS, Fed-Ex, USPS....They all stink in one way or another because in the end they're all just as stupidly human as the next institution.

Raise the fist!

(My UPS guy doesn't even attempt to see if anyone is home. He gives an obligatory rap on the door, then immediately walks over to the office to drop it off. I'm usually opening my door while he's opening the office door. But at least we have an office.)

Suki said...

I still feel quite antagonistic towards DHS.

In Oregon (or at least in Salem), you have to sign no matter where something is delivered or by what means. UPS, FedEx, DHS, you name it, you sign for it.

Sometimes UPS isn't all that bright and doesn't go to the apt complex office to have them sign for the package. So they leave a sticky and I have to leave a note taped to my door. That's only happened a few times because most of the time I remember to get it delivered to my work. I tried USPS once or twice, but it costs extra to go through them.

Suki said...

I had a feeling I did that... I was telling Jared about this later and realized that I probably put DHS instead of DHL. Freudian slip? Eeehhh...