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Shostakovich anyone?

5/07/2009 05:08:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »
Last night we took Lara and Vivi to their first orchestra concert. Because I'm a music therapist and a registered Music Together teacher I was very excited for the wondrous event, although a little apprehensive about how they would do since the concert started at 8. Reed's mom's cousin's daughter (what does that make her? A cousin once removed? I can never remember) won the concerto competition at Oberlin University where she is a double violin performance and history major. She was able to play the Shostakovich's 1st violin concerto (all four movements) with the Oberlin University Symphony Orchestra. Let's face it, no one says that Shostakovich is their favorite composer. He's just not that kind of composer. But Lara and Vivi were awesome for the whole 35 minute performance! Lara didn't sit and listen to every single bit of it, but we didn't have to take her out into the hall. Yay, Lara! And Vivi was just mesmorized by the orchestra. She just stared at everything. I wish I had taken pictures but the digital camera remained in the diaper bag :( Kudos to Erin for a wonderful performance, that was one difficult piece.


Carrie Nation said...

Ooh, that's one of my favorite concertos to play and watch. I say watch because although I like listening to it, it's partly the athletics of some of the movements and the cadenza that make it so remarkable. Congratulations to Reed's second cousin. It's one of the most difficult concertos out there. (And I'm amazed the little ones sat through it too, regardless of the piece!)