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What's in a blanket?

2/15/2009 07:44:00 PM Edit This 4 Comments »
Last week I was talking to a friend at church about the differences between Lara and Genevieve- one being that Vivi likes to sleep on her stomach. I usually don't freak out over things like that, I'm pretty laid back. But because I had two cousins who died of SIDS I have a more personal interest in having my babies lay on their backs. After a few days of getting to know Vivi I decided it was either let her sleep on her stomach or me not sleep at all. Vivi won. My friend, Megan, said that her newborn son was the same way and they tried a Swaddle Me blanket and, in her words, "It changed our entire lives!" I figured it was worth a try since Vivi likes to be swaddled I just didn't have blankets big enough to swaddle her. Megan brought me an extra Swaddle Me blanket that she had and I tried it today.

Need I say more? Now I'm off to Babies R Us to buy two more blankets.


Melody said...

We have one of those. Andrew liked being swaddled at first, but I think he likes having his arms free now. We have a sleep sack with a removable swaddle part, so we put him to sleep without it most of the time. I'm glad you found a way to put Vivi to sleep on her back!

Anonymous said...

if you're really worried, try the Angel Care system. It has saved my sanity, even though it's a little pricey.

dad said...

Just hold her until your arm falls off. That's what we had to do with you. :)

Valerie said...

My arms are falling off anyway because she's sooooo heavy!