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2/04/2009 06:39:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »
I am still in the process of adjusting to having a newborn and a toddler, sometimes by myself. I am definitely not complaining because I have had the ideal situation the last month since Reed is on his seasonal leave. But on school nights it is a true challenge. We have enjoyed going to the library for Pajama storytime and I wanted to keep going even though Reed has a Wednesday night class. Here is an outline of how the evening went-

6:00 Arrived home from work with Vivi and Lara in tow.
6:15 Reed had prepared a crockpot dinner. Yay! One less thing to worry about.
6:40 Convinced Lara that putting on her jammies wasn't the end of the world. She finally realized that we were going to the library.
6:55 Took Lara out to the car with the diaper bag and my purse. Ran back inside to get Vivi, who was screaming in her carseat.
7:00 Put Lara in the stroller since she doesn't have any shoes that fit over footie pajamas. Throw Vivi into the ring sling and purse and diaper bag over my shoulder.
7:01 Forgot the car keys so had to run back to the car.
7:03 Made it to story time. Yay!
7:15 Turned to ask another mom a question, turned back around and couldn't find Lara. Had to have another mom tell me that she had run out the door. Found her looking at Elmo DVD's and escorted her back to story time.
7:30 Storytime ended and it's time to pick out DVD's. Lara decides it's time to play on the computers, throws a temper tantrum, so I pick her up in a football hold since Vivi's still in the ring sling, carry her back to the stroller, hand her an Elmo DVD, and put on her coat.
7:45 Lara has calmed down so we check out out books and head to the car. Put Vivi back in her carseat while Lara yells "Mama!" over and over again because she thinks I have forgotten that she's still in the stroller. Put Lara in her carseat. Put the stroller in the trunk.
7:50 Ran Vivi and the bags inside. Run back outside to get Lara, who is crying because, again, she thinks I have forgotten her.
8:00 Lara actually goes to bed without a fuss. She must have been tired.

A realistic view would tell me that a half hour of Pajama story time is not worth all the hassle. Plus I've always thought the phrase "It's worth it" is pretty cliche. But it really is worth it.


Reed said...

wow, that's amazing!

I love you - you're my hero!

me :)

dad said...

We feel your pain . . . and laugh at the same time. Just substitute Valerie and Jamie for Lara and Genevieve.