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Maybe I could sing at the Grammy's

2/08/2009 06:26:00 PM Edit This 3 Comments »
What?! The Jonas Brothers get to sing with Stevie Wonder? Maybe I'm just a little jealous but I think you should have proven your worth as a musician to get to perform with one of the greatest icons of music! I could probably sing and play the guitar just as well. I just can't make the girls scream like they can...

When I was a teenager I was a total fan of NSync and I knew all the songs and dances. If I had ever gone to a concert I would have been one of the screaming girls. Then they grew up and I grew up. I only admit this because Justin Timberlake has made some great contributions to the world of pop music. He is actually a great songwriter and performer and has been able to break out of the boyband stereotype with surprising agility. Not so for his fellow bandmates. It would have been better to see HIM performing with Stevie Wonder then three boys who look good while trying to hit high notes and strumming guitars. We'll see if they're just as big when they're 30 as they are now.


dad said...

I'm glad you didn't go to an NSync concert. It was bad enough watching the videos of their concerts. ;)

Carrie Nation said...

What a confession! I never would have guessed it. Hilarious.

Btw, I don't think anyone deserves to play with Stevie Wonder, but especially not the Jonas Brothers!

Jason and Melody said...

I remember the youth dances where all of us that were obsessed with NSync would get together and dance to the songs. lol.