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Happy Birthday!

2/22/2009 06:08:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »
Today Lara turned 2 and since I was up at 1:20 in the morning feeding Vivi I was also able to think about 2 years ago when Lara was born. As I had never gone through pregnancy or labor and delivery before I made the mistake of being very certain how I wanted things to be. My due date was February 14th but I didn't want her on Valentine's day, either a day before or some time after, I didn't want to be induced, and I wanted a natural birth.

Pregnant women, take note: Be prepared to be surprised.

Near the end of January my doctor kept telling me that the baby (we didn't know if the baby was a boy or a girl) would come any day since I was dilating quite nicely. My due date came and went with no baby. So on February 21st I went to Riverside Hospital for a 9:00 induction appointment.

Here's how the day went-
9:00am Arrived at Riverside Hospital. Sat around in the labor and delivery room for 2 hours playing games while the staff waited for the actual order to start the pitocin. Keep in mind that I wasn't supposed to have eaten anything since the night before.
11:00 Finally got hooked up to the pitocin, so I thought that things would go pretty quickly after that. Nope. My mom and my sister, Suki, came to wait with me and play games. I know now that I was having very small contractions but at the time I didn't think I was because they didn't hurt.
3:30 I wasn't progressing at all so they broke my water. Then the contractions started to hurt. I was able to breathe through most of them and I was progressing finally- 4 cm, then 5, etc.
6:00 I was very tired and I could not sleep through the contractions. I still wanted to try having a natural birth so the nurse suggested Nubain, which only lasts for an hour, so that I could rest for a bit.
7:00 Nubain wore off so it was back to work.
9:00 At this point I was very exhausted and very hungry. I had progressed steadily up until now and then I got stuck at 7 cm. I got very discouraged when the nurse told me that I hadn't changed from the last check. Plus Lara had turned a little so I had back labor. Let me tell ya', that stuff hurts. So I just said "Give me the drugs!" I was already disappointed that things hadn't gone as I had wanted so what's one more change to my birth plan?
9:30 Epidural = sleep. Yay! The nurse stuck me in weird positions to help Lara turn her body.
12:30 Almost time to push. The nurse called the doctor and then prepped the room for delivery.
1:00 I've decided that pushing is my favorite part of delivery because you know there's going to be a baby soon. Also, since Reed and I like to be surprised it's fun to know that you'll soon discover whether the baby is a boy or a girl.
1:20am 20 minutes of pushing and Lara was born! I had wanted a girl first and I had called Lara a "she" through most of my pregnancy so I was pretty happy. :)

So Happy Birthday, Lara! Even though your labor and delivery wasn't my favorite (Vivi's was so much easier) I was glad to have you join our family. Looking forward to the next year!


Melody said...

Man! That's rough! But Happy Birthday to Lara! (I'm about 40 minutes late Ohio time, but it's still her birthday here in Idaho!)