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The Story Behind the Bunny Cake

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You may have seen this picture posted on my FB page a few weeks ago.  I figured I'd post the story because I think it's really cute.

One Saturday morning Vivi woke up with hives covering her face and trunk.  It takes a lot to freak me out and this freaked me out.  Especially since Reed was gone at a camp-out and Mariella already had croup the night before.  Anyways, the hives were quickly spreading to her appendages, right before eyes so I quickly dumped her in an oatmeal bath and called Reed to tell him to come home, then to Grandma Piano to see if she could take the other girls, and off to Children's Hospital Urgent Care we went.  Even while at the hospital I could see the hives getting worse and worse, all over her feet and hands, getting worse on her face, patches getting bigger on her trunk and legs.  There were some patches that covered the entire length of her shin.  Turns out that she was having an allergic reaction to some virus (don't know what virus) and her body was churning out the white blood cells to combat the intruder.  They gave her a dose of steroids and sent us home with more steroids and a strong anti-itch medication.

Fast forward to that evening when we attended a fundraiser for our Young Women's program- a dinner and cake auction.  Vivi was feeling much better at that point although there were a few spots of hives still on her face and legs.  There were so many yummy looking cakes and I would have loved to buy them all.  We could only buy one though and I settled on a hot fudge sundae cake (which I won and it was delicious).  The girls, however, set their hearts on this bunny cake.  A white cake with white frosting, m&m's covering the top and surrounded by bunny peeps.  Definitely a kids cake.  I explained to them that I wasn't going to be buying the bunny cake, that we could make one at home.  I thought they understood.  Until the cake went up for auction and Vivi started yelling "I want that cake!" over and over.  When somebody else took the cake, she was mighty upset and, if any of you know Vivi, you know that she is dramatic.  I think everyone in the gym knew that she wanted that cake and was sad that we didn't get it.  I felt bad since she had gone through so much that day, yet I didn't want to give up the hot fudge sundae (with vanilla ice cream).  Not only was Vivi upset because of the cake but I could see that some of the hive patches were getting bigger.  We got our cake and quickly hurried home to give her another dose of steroids and anti-itch.

The next day was Sunday and when we got home from dinner at Grandma Piano's we got a call from a sister in the ward saying that she and her daughter had made something for the girls.  I had no idea what it was.  Until she drove up and I saw the cake.  They were the ones that had made the bunny cake for the auction and someone had told them about Vivi's reaction.  They made another cake for Vivi and brought it over.  She was asleep when they arrived and I knew she was going to be so excited when she saw that cake.  I was right!  She ran into the kitchen the next morning, stopped in her tracks, stared at the cake, then started jumping up and down and shouting about her bunny cake.  I must say, it was a delicious cake!

I am so grateful for our friends for thinking about us during that weekend.  It made all of us feel so good that somebody would care about Vivi enough to make a bunny cake.  I am grateful for the church that brings us together so that we can watch over each other and bear one another's burdens.


Lori said...

What a great friend!