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Happy Birthday to Lara

3/06/2013 06:36:00 PM Edit This 0 Comments »

Lara celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago, turning the big 6!  I can't believe that in two more years she can make the decision to be baptized.  Whoa!

Here are a few brags about Lara:

1.  She loves musicals as much as her Mom.  Her favorite is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with Pajama Game a close second.  Every week we choose a new musical to watch during our weekly Tuesday Bath, Movie, and Hair night.

2.  She remembers little details about people that we often don't think about in the moment.  It is definitely part of her introvert nature.  Although she may not talk much during social occasions, she is observant and takes it all in.

3.  Lara is a voracious reader and can read almost anything without help.  If she is not reading, she loves listening to our bedtime books.  Right now it's the Little House on the Prairie series.

4.  She wants to play every musical instrument under the sun- harp, piano, flute, ukulele, tuba, etc.  Hey, I bet she could!

5.  Lara has specific tastes when it comes to food.  One might call her a picky eater.  Then she turns around and asks for shrimp and tofu for her birthday dinner and a gingerbread cake.  She may not eat everything and like it, but at least she eats a variety!

6.  Lara is a wonderful, helpful big sister.  Mariella loves her to death and will often run around the house calling her name.  She and Vivi have a special relationship and I love hearing the pretend play scenes :)

Lara, we love you!