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Columbus South Stake Talent Show

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The problem with living in the same region as your whole family is that when one family is involved in a musical event it extends to the WHOLE family.  I shouldn't say it's a problem, it is actually quite fun and a privilege.  The rest of my family is in the Columbus Ohio South Stake (I am in the North) and were a major part of the stake's talent show.  I was petitioned to be a guest star in a scene from Pirates of Penzance and since I had agreed to do that I might as well sing in the choir and play in the orchestra.  I've included all the videos of the numbers in which my family was involved so I can make sure I have them for posterity. :)

First video:  Kimmi as Cinderella, Josh as Rapunzel's prince, and a friend (Jonathan J.) as Cinderella's prince, performing a scene from Into the Woods.  I think this is Josh's first time singing a solo so good job!

Second video:  Recently the head of the choral department at Ohio University retired and the new professor is a fellow Mormon.  He wrote this wonderful choir piece based on a poem by Emily Dickinson.  I loved the harmonies in this piece and I don't think the recording does it justice.  

Third video:  The Pirates of Penzance- With Cat-like Tread.  My dad and my two brothers are in this one.

Fourth video:  My mom conducted an orchestra in a medley of Jim Brickman tunes.  For never practicing all together it was pretty good.  My very talented husband joined this number on the cello.

Fifth video:  The Athens Ward cloggers plus Suki and somebody else.  My mom leads this group although I can't remember if she choreographed this or not.

Sixth video:  I saved the best for last.  The Laulusa sisters plus one with Climbing Over Rocky Mountains.  We grew up watching Pirates of Penzance so this was quite a treat.