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Easter with the Robinsons

4/11/2010 05:57:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »
I debated whether or not to do baskets for the girls this year. I hadn't had time to make one for Vivi and neither of them really knew what was going on. But while shopping at Meijer's I saw some cute little knick-knacks so I gave in. :) When I was a teenager my parents decided that they wanted Easter Sunday to emphasize Christ rather than the Easter Bunny. So the Easter Bunny took a permanent vacation and became the Spring Bunny who comes and visits the Saturday before Easter. We've decided to keep that tradition in our family therefore the girls are not in their Easter dresses, they are in new spring outfits for their basket (which they shared).

I was really excited for the girls to wear their Easter dresses this year. Mostly because I bought them for a steal from Strasburg Children and I love having the girls wear dresses that I pay almost nothing for. :) They were soooooo cute in them! To top it off, flower bows that I found through a friend's blog and bought them on Etsy. I love Etsy. I ordered them the Monday before Easter so I'm glad they got here in time! I just read that the BOWdacious bows is doing a giveaway. Go here for details! We had an Easter egg hunt at Grandma Piano and Grandpa Wally's house before conference. Both the girls had a lot of fun! We had a purple-themed Easter- the girls had new purple dresses, I bought Reed a new lavender shirt, and I also had a purple shirt. Not new, but I had it.

Speaking of conference, I love conference. We've been singing Follow the Prophet a lot lately because it was March's primary song and we had been talking to Lara a lot about our prophet, Thomas S. Monson. She was so excited to see him speak during conference and for days afterward she would ask where Thomas S. Monson was and how much she wanted to see him. She even made up her own verse of follow the prophet- Thomas S. Monson was a prophet... and the rest sounds exactly like the original Adam verse. :) I am so grateful for a little girl who reminds us how important the prophet is and displays such a love for the gospel.


Aaron and Marly said...

I love your tradition with the "Spring Bunny". That is such a good idea! Your little girls are so darling:-)

Suki said...

No, she doesn't! And, in fact, she is usually grinning while in the act.