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Two Beautiful Eyes

8/21/2009 12:17:00 PM Edit This 3 Comments »
Take a look at these eyes...

Notice how clear and blue and beautiful they are? Yay! There is no gunk in her eyes!

Our wonderful Genevieve was born with clogged tear ducts and the doctor assured us that she would grow out of it. Her left eye cleared up within the first month but that stubborn right eye kept gooping up. Sometimes it would get so red and irritated because of the oozing and me trying to keep it clean. But today I noticed that her eyes were clear and that I hadn't had to clean them for a while! And not a moment too soon. I was getting mighty tired of people asking me if I knew that my daughter had an eye infection. Did you know that any liquid that is concentrated changes color? It is a common misconception that if any liquid oozing from facial orifices is green or yellow that means an infection. It might mean that there's just a lot of liquid. Anyways, we're all happy that Vivi's face is gunk-free and beautiful!


Suki said...

I like how she has her bottom lip tucked in.

Melody said...

Wow. I think she looks just like Reed in these pictures!

Hi Lowe! said...

She is beautiful! Those are great pictures too!