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Melaleuca Product of the Week: Melaleuca Oil

8/08/2009 07:23:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »

I asked Reed which product should be this week's highlight and he said "Melaleuca oil." Therefore, Melaleuca oil- Melaleuca is the scientific name for tea tree oil. It's an essential oil and has 6 properties, each of which does something different and you can read about those properties here. We've mostly used the oil in the humidifier and in steamy water to help Lara with her bouts of croup. I've also diluted Melaleuca oil in another carrier oil (like olive) to put in Lara's ears for her ear infections. (I love the smell of Melaleuca oil, mmmmmmm. Some people say it takes some getting used to but I love it). Reed says that he sometimes uses it straight on cuts and they heal faster. It's very versatile :)


Suki said...

One of Jared's roommates at school worked at Melaleuca's call center. He was short and funny and whenever we would talk about Mela, he always had to say "T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil!" Now whenever I think of Mela oil, the voice in my head says it that same exact way.