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Little Sister's Dilemna

8/07/2009 05:34:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »
Yesterday Reed and I took the girls to the fair with my family, minus a few siblings. I'll post more pictures of that later but today I wanted to post about something that happened at the fair.

Some of us had gone to the Ag building so that Kimmi, Josh, and Jonathan could climb the climbing wall. There were a few other things for Lara to do so Kimmi, Josh, and Jonathan waited in line without the rest of us. When Reed and I got back to watch the climbing Reed remarked that he thought someone was hitting on Kimmi. I looked over and I saw her in line with Josh and this guy who obviously had taking a liking to her. I knew just by the one look that the young man had some mental delays and that Kimmi was trying to be nice but was really uncomfortable. But it was too late to do anything, she was at the front of the line and about to climb. Lara was anxious to see her beloved Auntie Kimmi so we waited at the end of the climb for her. After Kimmi was done we rushed her out of the building (the young man was still climbing) because it was obvious that she was really nervous. Apparently he had started talking to her and somehow came to the conclusion that after the climb they would be exchanging numbers. I had to run back into the Ag building to get Jonathan who was still climbing and then gave him a what-for talking to about how he should have been looking out for his younger sister. I mean, that's what older brothers are supposed to do. (Usually after lectures like this Jonathan is in a bad mood. He must have realized I was right because he still talked with me for the rest of the day). The poor young man was still wandering around the building, probably wondering where Kimmi had run off to. I assured Kimmi that he probably had no idea that he was making her uncomfortable but I'm not sure if that helped her feel better or not.

Anyways, I have been thinking about this incident and wondering what I would have done in Kimmi's shoes. I remember giving a guy a made-up number one time but he was D-R-U-N-K and he probably wasn't going to remember anything in the morning anyways. So, I would like all ladies to post your opinions or stories here and I'll share them with Kimmi :) It might be nice to laugh about it now!


Jamio said...

Wells, I know what Kevin would have told Kimmi to say, "Creep, I want you twenty feet away from me and not speaking to me anymore, and if you don't do these things RIGHT NOW, I will call security RIGHT NOW." Actually, I don't know if he'd recomend threatening security. A hulking older brother, in the case of the absense of a firearm, would have been a more immediate deterent.

I'm pretty sure I would have done exactly what she did, though. Stay polite and get away fast.

Carrie Nation said...

Italy and grad school are the places I've had the most trouble. Grad school incidents were troubling because I was already married and the individuals knew it. Yeah. Anyway, but there's some really funny stories from Italy. My favorite, which reminds me of your sister's situation a bit, was when my friends and I were standing on a bridge in Florence watching the river. Some Italian teenagers approached my roommate and started chatting at her. She was obviously uncomfortable. She just kept staring straight ahead, didn't move, didn't acknowledge them, just her eyes kept getting bigger and bigger. After a few moments, I finally walked over and took her arm to lead her away, yelling in German (I didn't want them to think we were Ami's) "Hau ab!" (Get lost!) It worked. We made a point of speaking German to each other in public for the rest of our trip. It deterred most Italians once they heard us speaking.

Maybe next time your sis could try pretending she doesn't speak English? ;)