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Vacation Week

6/09/2009 07:04:00 PM Edit This 4 Comments »
I have a week off between Spring and Summer quarters and this year I'm not actually traveling for vacation. I get to spend my time with my little dears-


Today is Tuesday and so far I have-

1. Gotten my butt kicked by yoga.
2. Read this book...And this book...both of which I highly recommend.
3. Did dishes. Ick.
4. Went to the pool and was very glad that I invested in one of these...5. Paid another $300 so that Murphy would stop peeing all over our living room.
6. Napped when miraculously both girls were asleep at the same time. Yay!

Items on my to do list-
1. Potty-train Lara.
2. Switch Vivi to the crib.
3. Go to the zoo.
4. Go back to the pool.
5. Show yoga who's boss.
6. Make more money so that the vet bills won't kill us. (Thanks to Melaleuca for giving us that opportunity).


susette said...

a: i love shannon hale! how did you hear of her? i've got some of her other stuff if you'd like to borrow it!

b: what yoga are you doing? i love yoga!

keep having fun on vacation!

Melody said...

I just finished Book of a Thousand Days, and I LOVE The Princess Academy. Good books.

Valerie said...

a: I heard of Shannon Hale through Julee who was reading The Goose Girl for a book club. I didn't know she was LDS until a few months ago though. Which books do you have? I have Enna Burning from the library and then Julee is letting me borrow River Secrets. I MUCH prefer Shannon Hale over that vampire writer. Couldn't even get through the first Twilight book. Ick.

b: I was doing a gentle flow (whatever that means) yoga class at Lifetime. Now I'd like to try out their fitness yoga class just to see what it's like since there was nothing gentle about that other yoga!

Suki said...

Colleen keeps asking when I'm going to watch Twilight with her. And now her and Tonnie are trying to get me to see New Moon with them. Maybe at my funeral.

Yoga at first is always difficult. You have to modify. And modify. And... modify. And there's always a way to make the positions more difficult so you're always challenged.