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Indianapolis Temple

End of Vacation Week

6/13/2009 07:46:00 PM Edit This 3 Comments »
Sadly, my vacation week has quickly passed. Don't get me wrong, I love my work and I also love spending time with Lara and Vivi so I am glad that I get Fridays off during the summer!

Here is what I accomplished near the end of vacation-

1. Vivi sleeps in her crib for all of her naps and for most of the night. Now if only I could get her to sleep without being swaddled...

2. Lara successfully went on the potty 3 times!!!! Yay!!!! Not quite ready for panties but soon!

3. Went to the zoo, not once, but twice. We went on Wednesday with the lovely Bowman twins (and their mom) and then again on Saturday with the Bears :)

Lara looking at the parrots and yelling at them to say hi

Charlie is fascinated by the asian otters

Olivia is just plain cute!

Reed, Lara, Ben (friend of Angie), Angie (high school friend of Reed), and Sydney on the North America Train

4. Tried out the water play area at Ballantrae Park. Also known as the Dancing Bunnies fountain. Lara loved it so much we went twice.

5. Read one more Shannon Hale novel. It's the second book in the Bayern series (after The Goose Girl) and much darker but still enjoyable.

6. Oh, and we cleaned the bathroom.


Reed said...

I love being with my girls!

Melody said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! Vivi is getting so big!

I've been wanting to read Enna Burning for a long time, but my request at the library to get it always expires before I'm able to get it. Boo.

Suki said...

I love pictures!