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Chess in Concert

6/19/2009 06:38:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »
My sisters and I have always been into musicals and in my mid-teenage years one of our obsessions was Chess: the Musical. This musical's composers are the guys from Abba and the lyricist is Tim Rice which is kind of an odd combination. The storyline has always been confusing to me so I really just like it for the music. The musical as a whole is mediocre but has some great numbers in it. Last night I discovered that WOSU Great Performances series was broadcasting Chess in Concert starring some really big names! Josh Groban as Anatoly, Idina Menzel as Florence, and Adam Pascal as Freddie. Since we were also big huge RENT fans plus Josh Groban fans, this was a big find! So, in honor of the days where Jamie, Suki, and I would clean the house while belting out songs from Chess, I am posting a video of Josh Groban singing the Anthem. It's not my favorite but it's probably the most powerful and emotional song in the whole musical.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought "Pity the Child", sung by Adam Pascal, was the most powerful of the whole performance.

Valerie said...

I've always thought Freddie was a big loser and liar and that Pity the Child was just a poor excuse.