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Mariella is 3!

6/17/2014 07:05:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »

Don't worry, the fish in this picture was alive and well a few minutes later when we set it free. :)

To celebrate Mariella on her special day, here are a few facts about our red-headed little girl!

1.  She loves to dress-up and dance.  Once she steps into a place where she knows there are dress-up clothes then she is at once stripping down so she can pull on a princess ball gown.
2.  She loves smoothies, even ones with kale or spinach in it!  I have to drink my smoothies fast, otherwise she will steal half of it.
3.  She is my most natural potty-trainer.  Not early or anything like that.  She just didn't need a whole day set aside or anything like that.  That shows how independent she is and how she wants to be just like her sisters.
4.  I will go ahead and brag (because I am allowed to since this is my blog) that Mariella can match pitch and carry a tune like no other 3-year-old I have met.
5.  She has quite the adorable lisp going on right now that I have been assured is perfectly normal.

Happy Birthday, Mariella!  We love you!


Marlena Christensen said...

She is adorable! And I want a video of the mitch matching :)