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Happy New Year

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Happy (Belated) New Year!

2012 was a great year for our family and we are looking forward to experiencing 2013.  Let me start with a few numbers-

3- beautiful girls
5- major trips for Reed.  2 Woodbadge trips to IN, High Adventure, 5-day trip in the Grand Canyon, trip to Nauvoo for interview.
5- birthdays celebrated!  Reed 30, Valerie 29, Lara 5, Genevieve 4, and Mariella 1.
7- years of marriage
10- job applications (Reed)
3- job interviews
0- job offers
3- conferences at which Valerie presented
0- personal sick days taken
2- sick days taken for the girls.  Hey, that's awesome!

Although sometimes we get discouraged about the job situation, we remind ourselves that the number of applications Reed completed is more than in the last 3 years combined and that the interviews were 3 more than he has had ever.  Blessings certainly come in many forms and this year has really shown us that.

Things to look forward to this year?  Lara turning 6, Mariella turning 2, Vivi turning 5, Valerie's big 30, and Reed just getting plain older.  (Haha!).
A new baby, maybe?  Hopefully.
Time spent with family and friends- trips to Dollywood are already planned.
Paying off the van, one of my school loans for sure and probably another one.  Gazelle intensity!
Last but not least, THE NEW STAR TREK MOVIE!

So on with the year!