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Indianapolis Temple

Christmas Ornament #1

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I started documenting all our ornaments last year and got through a fair chunk of them.  But we have added more in the past year and there's still more after that!

Ornament #1- Gatlinburg Black Bear

We took a Christmas trip with my family down to Gatlinburg, TN (Smokey Mountains) last year and while there we stopped by a little craft mall that was having a Christmas sale.  We had been looking for a Christmas ornament to commemorate our trip but weren't satisfied with the selection at Dollywood.  We didn't want just any ornament, we wanted one that signified that particular part of the country.  Lucky for us, we found this ornament on sale at the little mall and the lady personalized it for us for free!  In all our trips to the Smokies, we have never seen a black bear.  That doesn't stop us from looking or knowing that they are there :)