Indianapolis Temple

Indianapolis Temple


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*sigh*  I am super behind on keeping up with this blog.  I will say that I think I have some pretty good excuses.  Our month has been waaaaaaayyyyy busy.  First week was spring break vacation at Myrtle Beach, so much fun and there will be pictures soon.  Second week, I was gone in Grand Rapids, MI for a music therapy regional conference.  Third week, Reed was gone at a scout training in Indiana.  This week, Just regular life and it is still super busy.  But I have super cute kids who have been relatively well-behaved and that makes all the difference!  The above picture is from Easter at Nana's house where Grandma Piano and Grandpa Tuba set up an awesome egg hunt for the cousins.


Julee said...

I would love to take the credit for such a fun egg hunt, but I am fine with giving credit where it is due and that would be with Grandma Flute.
:) I know that you are hopping all the time and I do not know how you keep up! Good job!

tal said...

Yeah Julee, she must have been really busy when she wrote that, too. And in the spirit of giving credit where it's do, while "it was my idea", David did just about everything else to make it happen.

Valerie said...

Oops, typed the wrong Grandma.