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The Vivsters

8/24/2011 07:17:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »

Vivi has had an exciting summer and did a few things that call for celebration.

First, she got rid of this.

I am very proud of her. And of Reed because he's the one that actually took the leap. One evening he was putting the girls to bed while I was at a meeting and he couldn't find her "fire". He just told her he couldn't find it and she would need to go to bed without it. She kind of whimpered a little bit and at times I could hear her in the night crying "I miss my 'fire'". But she put herself back to sleep and we've never gone back. She does, however, look longingly at Mariella's "fire" at times and if I find her face down in a pillow I know it's because she's stolen it and is getting her fix. I swear it's like a drug!

Second, she started getting potty-trained. We're not fully done but that's ok, she's made great steps! The best thing about her getting potty-trained- her pants and shorts fit her better without the chunky diaper :) Yay Vivi!


Suki said...

Haha, yeah.... Kimmi kept commenting that she couldn't believe Kaelyn's butt was so small whenever she didn't have a diaper on.

Yay Vivi for no fire!