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Belated Post but Oh Well

8/02/2011 08:45:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »
What I Learned From Mariella's Delivery-

1. Triage nurses can be loud in the hallway and I don't really think they care if you hear them talking about you. "Well, she says her water broke but the test came back negative and she doesn't have any contractions." (They did the second more in-depth test which showed my water did indeed break so TAKE THAT!)

2. After a 3rd delivery having to be hooked up to pitocin, I am pretty sure my body just doesn't have contractions naturally. We were admitted into the labor/delivery room around 11:30pm and I immediately went to sleep because I knew that nothing was going to happen until they decided to start the drip. I was right.

3. Again, after a 3rd delivery where the baby's head was turned, I am convinced that I will never have a natural birth. I just can't stay in the positions that I need to in order to turn the baby properly without a drug.

4. I am in the 11% of women whose water spontaneously ruptures for multiple births. OK, don't quote me on that percentage because I can't quite remember the number. Just know that it is pretty rare to have your water break naturally for more than one delivery. Thank goodness that it does happen to me otherwise I would have to be induced for every single labor! (See number 2).

5. I love Riverside's labor and delivery nurses and it is the number 1 reason I will go back to that hospital for every single delivery as long as I live in Ohio.



Melody said...

I've been induced with both boys, but they did it differently with both. With Andrew, they broke my water, saw what happened when they did that, then they started the pitocin (and that's when things picked up). With David, they started me on pitocin, and when I wasn't progressing very much, they broke my water (and that's when things picked up). Weird.

It's funny the things you learn, even after multiple births!