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Indianapolis Temple

8th and 9th Paragraphs

3/01/2011 06:12:00 PM Posted In Edit This 3 Comments »
Lara and Vivi have both memorized the last two paragraphs of the Family Proclamation, thanks to music! I'm already working on a melody for the 7th so I will post that soon. Here are videos of Lara singing the 8th and Vivi singing the 9th.

Anybody know a way to add PDF's to a blog? I have the sheet music all ready to post when I figure that out.


Julee said...

WOW! This is aMAZeing!!!

Ruth said...

So cute. Your girls are so smart! And I actually need to memorize the Proclamation for a class, so I'd love to see the sheet music. :) Does this help?

The Story of us said...

Wow! That is so great! I would love the sheet music. If you can't figure out how to get it on your blog can you email it to me? . When you are finished with all of the paragraphs you should submit it to the church. Maybe they will include it in the next primary song book:-)